Montag, 29. Januar 2007

Google Overheard

'Overheard in...' ist eine Serie äusserst amüsanter Blogs über das tägliche Leben und das, was wir so auf der Strasse und im Aufzug an Gesprächsfetzen aufschnappen. Die drei Klassiker (und Originale) sind 'Overheard in New York', 'Overheard in the Office' und 'Overheard at the Beach'.
Ich habe mal eine Suche auf die einzelnen Sites abgesetzt und die Dialoge, in denen 'Google' vorkommt, zusammengestellt.

- New York:
Teen chick on cell: Yeah, it's funny... Google it. Wait, do you guys even have Google in Florida?

Doctor guy: Okay, we have the chest x-ray and it explains what's going on. See this lesion? It is pretty impressive.
Patient lady: "Impresssive"? Is that a medical term? Am I gonna have to google that, too?

A girl and guy are making out on the street.
Guy: I gotta go.
Girl: Wait, come back.
Guy: I'm busy.
Girl: What's your name?
Guy: Bill.
Girl: How can I get in touch with you?
Guy: Google it.

Chick #1: So, I overheard that weird girl in my anthropology class talking about how she bought a glass dildo the other day.
Chick #2: A glass one? I didn't even know they made glass ones.
Chick #1: Yeah, I don't know. But imagine if it cracked -- how much that would hurt.
Chick #2: Did you ask her about it?
Chick #1: Fuck no. I figured I'd just Google it later.

Girl: Google is, like, totally taking over the world!

- Office:
Boss: Do we have Google installed on our internet?
IT guy: We put it on your machine yesterday.

Boss: So see if you can find these people's email addresses.
Intern: ...You want me to find Desmond Tutu's email address?
Boss: Try Google if you get stumped.

Engineer: I'm against Google Earth! The terrorists are using it! And the communists!

Cube dweller: Do not Google 'Britney Spears' vagina.' All you get is porn.

Tech: Oh crap, I've been infected by Google.

Boss: So what's the going rate for hiring midgets these days?
Boss: Yeah, I'm sure you can just fire up Google and type in "Midget to hire tri-state" and somthin's gonna pop up.

Boss: How many servers do you think Google has?
Lackey: Infinite.
Boss: Infinite? You're a retard.

Boss on phone: Wait, wait, wait, does your computer have Google on it? Yeah, just type it in there.

Producer: My friend went to the Galapagos Islands and was astounded. They have birds called blue boobies. Google "blue boobies". You'll see pictures of them.
Suit: I'm not searching for blue boobies on my computer. I'll get called into the office for a talk.
Producer: Oh, I'll do it...see?
Suit: Wow, who would have thought that would't have brought up a porn site?

CTO: My interview article is in USA Today!
Programer: Can you send me the link? Never mind, I'll just Google "USA Today".

Coworker #1: What's with the Google logo today?
Coworker #2: It's probably supposed to be symbolic of Terry Schiavo dehydrating or something.

- Beach:
Hot chick: Like, oh my god, Sarah -- just Google 'How an ugly girl can seduce a hot guy.'
Ugly chick: What's so good about Google anyway?
Hot chick: Like, oh my god -- it's like, well... Google!

Sind ein paar ziemlich lustige dabei wie ich finde! Und irgendwie scheinen die Chef's im einen oder anderen Unternehmen nicht wirklich zu verstehen.

BTW: aus 'Overheard in New York' ist ein ziemlich geiles MashUp entsanden - overplot. Dort werden alle Beiträge aus dem Blog auf eine Google Map (von New York) übertragen.

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