Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010

Install and Run Boxee Beta on AppleTV

This quick-n-dirty how-to will describe step by step how you can install the Boxee Beta for Mac on your AppleTV as long as there is no custom build of Boxee Beta for the ATV. Always check boxee.tv for the latest version downloads!

This guide supposes you have SSH access to your ATV and the Boxee Alpha version already running.

(1) get the latest version of Boxee Beta for Mac and install on your Mac.
(2) go to your Application directory and sFTP or SCP to your ATV

e.g.: scp -r ~/Applications/Boxee.app frontrow@AppleTV.local:~

(3) SSH to your ATV

e.g.: ssh frontrow@AppleTV.local

(4) rename the old Boxee Alpha

e.g.: mv /Applications/Boxee.app /Applications/Boxee.app.old

(5) move Boxee.app to Applications folder

e.g.: mv ~/Boxee.app /Applications/

(6) Now we duplicate the Boxee binary (for some odd reason), but first rename the old one again

e.g.: mv ~/Applications/Boxee.app ~/Applications/Boxee.app.old
e.g.: cp -r /Applications/Boxee.app ~/Applications/

(7) NOW you should be able to start the Boxee Beta on your ATV without Error 11 crashing. But there is still something missing. Flash 10 and the CoreAudioKit.framework.
Open you Browser on the Mac and download the following two files:

e.g.: Latest Flash Player
e.g.: CoreAuioKit.framework

(8) Extract both files. CoreAudioKit will extract a folder structure. From the Flash dmg/pkg get the file 'Flash Player.plugin'
(9) SCP both to your AppleTV

e.g.: scp -r Flash Player.plugin frontrow@AppleTV.local:~
e.g.: scp -r Flash CoreAuioKit.framework frontrow@AppleTV.local:~

(important) Watch out, the line above looks like a typo, but is not.

(10) now some final copying on your AppleTV...

e.g.: sudo mv ~/CoreAuioKit.framework /System/Library/Frameworks
e.g.: cd /Library/
e.g.: mkdir "Internet Plug-Ins"
e.g.: sudo mv Flash\ Player.plugin /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/

(11) DONE. Restart your Boxee Beta on the AppleTV and enjoy the goodness of social TV on your ATV.

This guide was compiled out of two posts from the Boxee forums:

Thx to everybody who contributed over there. Awesome.

I am not responsible if you break your ATV, but you all know how to go back and reverse things and how to handle SSH on the ATV, right? ;-)
And there might be some typos or wrong slashes in my how-to so DO NOT just copy/paste things but use your brain.

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